Our Method of Discipleship

We believe that the best way to reach the hearts and minds of those who do not understand Christianity is through a concise expression of what we as Christians believe. There are limits to how many people each of us can reach with the words of our own mouth, but when the statement of belief is in writing the limitations begin to fall away and our territory of influence begins to grow. And when the written statement of belief is in a form that is designed to last forever, there is no limit to how many people can be reached.

For 16 centuries, the Apostles' Creed has been used to express the beliefs of the Christian faith, from its opening statement that God is the maker of heaven and earth to the concluding statement that we will have eternal life. Using the Creed's bold, 109-word expression of faith as its basis, Disciples International has developed a tool for discipling people "in all nations" -- a card that is pocket-sized so that it can easily be passed from hand to hand and that is laminated so that it can survive the ravages of time, use, and weather. On the front of each card is the Apostles' Creed. On the other side is John 3:16, which presents the simple means by which we can attain eternal life, and Romans 10:9-10, which tells Christians of their duty to disciple others.Type your paragraph here.