About Disciples International

The goal of Disciples International is to share the Good News of salvation and eternal life with every man, woman, and child on God's earth. An ambitious goal? Yes. An impossible goal? No. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the prayers and support of fellow Christians, we can move steadily forward to ensure that the message of the Christian faith is in the hands of the unsaved in this 
nation and in every corner of the world.

We believe that the best way to reach the hearts and minds of those who do not understand Christianity is through a concise expression of what we as Christians believe. Find out more about our use of the Apostle's Creed as a method of discipleship.

Disciples International has distributed hundreds of thousands of these Apostles┬┤ Creed cards in English, as well as other languages. Find out more about our ministry work both on the home front and in the mission field.

Individuals like you have been an invaluable source of help with distribution of the cards, financial support, and translation of the 100 most widely spoken languages into the Apostle's Creed.